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Aniko's familie

Au pair baan
in Newport, County Mayo, Ierland

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Dear Nanny, thank You for interesting You in our Family.

On Saturday the 4th April Anikó got an agreement with a Nanny from Hungary who speaks all our languages and intends to stayy for a year or longer.
Whith this the Nanny fulfills all Anikó wishes as Alex may continue to learn all our languages from early on.
Therefore we don´t require new applications for the moment.
Thank You
Karl für Anikó and Alex

we are a family of three: Anikó, Alex and Karl. You will life and be with Anikó and Alex who is born november 2017. Anikó works fulltime in the next town, while Karl is working on the continent and comes home once a month for a weekend.
We like to go for walks on the coast and beech as well as in the woods or the nearby hiking track, the Greenway. Sometimes we travel across Ireland going sightseeing. We life in a rented cottage until our house is ready to move in, that will take another year or thereabout. In the cottage you will have your own room, have the use of a car and look after Alex while Anikó is away, but kitchen and bathroom / loo will have to be shared. We expect You to help with running the house and support Anikó. Perhaps You know a musical instrument, then perhaps You could show Alex as well? We like to read, and bevor Alex was born we went as often a new film came into the local Cinema for a mvie. We love to swimm in the local swimming pool or go all together for a meal. If You know how to cook it would be a benefit as we like Alex to get a decent lunch.
Of cours he should learn a lot of new things. He cannot start early enough with ABC and counting, but all with ease and no pressure, but by example and repeating all over again.
On weekends You would be free to roam the country, but on the other side we would like You to become an older sister to Alex and do as much as possible as a team with Anikó. We will help You to increase Your knowledge of English and support You to enlisten and pay for evening classes. On teh west coast of Ireland You cannot do without a driving licence, distances are large enough and public transport is nearly non-existent.
If You are willing to stay for a year or even longer, then please get in contact with Anikó and discuss all the details with her as it is her that will hire You.
In a previous interview we where asked about paying terms, You will have Your monthly pay, that is entierly for You, but food and all costs of lodging as well as for common activities we will carry the burd
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bulletpoint Startdatum: Augustus 2020
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