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Laritza (27)

27-year-old nanny
from The Hague, Netherlands

bulletpoint Nationality: Spanish
bulletpoint Education: Higher education
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bulletpoint Has no COGC
bulletpoint Is a non-smoker
bulletpoint Accepts pets
About me
Hello to all the beautiful families!
My name is Laritza and I just ended an amazing year as au pair in The Netherlands!
As I’m in love with this country and I wish to continue working with kids, I’m looking for my next adventure, but this time not as au pair, more as a nanny. That have different implications, like the work hours, the housework or maybe the most distinctive aspect is that nannies don’t live with the family. I have my own place and I live in Den Haag.
I’ve always been taking care of kids because of my culture and the places that I’ve been living. There is very common help with the little ones. I did several jobs as a babysitter too during my University period and I have experience with a very large range of ages, from 2 years old to 12.
During 2018 I worked as an au pair with a wonderful family in The Netherlands. I took care of two boys who were 5 and 9 years old when I arrived and now, they are 6 and 10. My host family was exceptional! And of course, they can give you references for me. My job was focus on organizing educational activities, helping with the homework and participating in their day by day education focus on emotional competencies of awareness, emotional regulation, autonomy, social competence, and wellbeing skills. Also, I used to do some housework and cooked dinner.
Other important things that you may want to know is:
-I’m a Spanish citizen and I born in Cuba.
-I speak Spanish, Catala, English and I’m studying Dutch.
-I have an au pair course where I learn about behaviour management (appropriate forms of discipline, age-appropriate activities, developmental stages, etc), how to hold a baby, feed them, change nappies, etc (plus I have the experience with my younger sister). Also, hygiene, food preparation and healthy snacks (and I worked in Manchester during a year in a kitchen of a very good Japanese restaurant).
-I have a First Aid course (injuries and illness, cuts scrapes and bleeding, head injuries, fractures, bumps, bruises, burns, choking…).
-I have a Liability Insurance.
-I’m continually learning and trying to do a better job. I have a lot of hobbies and passions as dancing, crafting, coloring or cooking.
-I am a very passionate, positive, energetic and I really love to work with kids.
-Communication is the key! With the parents and also with the kids.
Please, don’t hesitate and drop me a message if you have more questions or if you want more information about me.
I would love to hear from you!
Family and work preferences
bulletpoint Provides care for up to 3 children
bulletpoint Accepts: Single parents
bulletpoint Live-out
bulletpoint Full- or Part-Time
Preferred location
Big city
bulletpoint Available from now
bulletpoint For 0 - 12 months
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Work area
bulletpoint City: The Hague
bulletpoint Radius: 10 km
bulletpoint Province: South Holland
bulletpoint Country: Netherlands
Salary indication
bulletpoint € 20 per uur
bulletpoint Valuta: Euro (EUR)
Weekly schedule
  Afternoon Late afternoon Evening Night Morning
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Knowledge & experience
This nanny has 2 years of experience with childcare.

Experience with age groups
bulletpoint Toddlers (2 - 3 years)
bulletpoint Preschoolers (4 - 6 years)
bulletpoint Schoolchildren (7 - 12 years)
Experience with special care
No experience with special care.

Looking for a job as
Au pair Babysitter Nanny

  • Nanny
  • Female
  • 27 -Year-Old
  • Full- or Part-Time
  • Has 2 years of experience with childcare.

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