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Britt-Marie (54)

54-year-old nanny
from London, United Kingdom

bulletpoint Nationality: Swedish
bulletpoint Education: Secondary education
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bulletpoint Has no COGC
bulletpoint Is a non-smoker
bulletpoint Accepts pets
About me
My name is Britt-Marie , 52 years old and I live in a small village in the south of Sweden. Now, I´m at a point in my life when I feel that the time is right for me to take the next step. Perhaps my dream of a future abroad isn´t as far away as I thought.
I am teaching 5-7 year old children at a school in Klippan, Sweden, (Klippans friskola) and have done so since 2012. I am not a licensed teacher, but I have a childcare education. I believe in children’s capacity to learn through play and that learning should be fun. I have great respect and integrity for both children and their parents, and I take children’s curiosity as a challenge to answer their questions, small or big.
I also work with the children to strengthen the group and every individual’s equal values, and to prepare them for further development in life. They are the future and we as adults are their role models. All of this is done through play, drama, art crafts, music or just relaxing in the grass, closing your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature.
I also work at the schools Fritidshem for children age 5-12.
I have also worked as an assistant for students with special needs, aged 8-12 at the same school.
I have loved (and still do) my job and the reason for my need for a change is more at a personal level. I live alone, my son is grown up and sometimes I can miss the feeling of being a part of a family. I live a quiet life here in the little village where I have lived the most part of my life.
I come from a big family of 5 children, and we have together 11 children, all grown up now.
I love design, music, art in all forms, history and I am very interested in learning new things. You are never too old to embrace new ways of thinking and looking at things in a different angle than you are used to.
As a person I am fun, very creative with a lot of imagination, a good listener and easy to adapt, use to multitasking, and work as a team or single charge.
I have up to date Swedish DBS check dated 2018-01-17
First aid certificate dated 2018-04-10
Driver’s license since 1984

Best regards Britt-Marie
Family and work preferences
bulletpoint Provides care for up to 3 children
bulletpoint Accepts: Single parents
bulletpoint Live-in
bulletpoint Full- or Part-Time
Preferred location
Big city
Small town
bulletpoint Available from now
bulletpoint For 0 - 24 months
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Work area
bulletpoint City: London
bulletpoint Radius: 100 km
bulletpoint Province:
bulletpoint Country: United Kingdom
Salary indication
bulletpoint To be agreed
Weekly schedule
  Afternoon Late afternoon Evening Night Morning
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Knowledge & experience
This nanny has 10+ years of experience with childcare.

Experience with age groups
bulletpoint Toddlers (2 - 3 years)
bulletpoint Preschoolers (4 - 6 years)
bulletpoint Schoolchildren (7 - 12 years)
bulletpoint Teenagers (13 - 18 years)
Experience with special care
bulletpoint AD(H)D
bulletpoint Allergy
bulletpoint Asthma
bulletpoint Auditory disability
bulletpoint Autism / PDD-NOS
bulletpoint Chronic disorder
bulletpoint Developmental delay
bulletpoint Diabetes
bulletpoint Dyslexia
bulletpoint Epilepsy
bulletpoint Giftedness
bulletpoint Intellectual disability
bulletpoint Mental disorder
bulletpoint Physical disability
bulletpoint Speech and language problem

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  • Nanny
  • Female
  • 54 -Year-Old
  • Full- or Part-Time
  • Has 10+ years of experience with childcare.

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