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Daniela's family
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Nanny job
in Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France

bulletpoint Looking for nanny for 1 child
bulletpoint Details: Live-in, Part-time
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bulletpoint COGC asked
bulletpoint This family has no pets
bulletpoint Accepts smokers
About the family
Hello, we are an unconventional family offering an unconventional job for someone who is dedicated, honest, flexible, warm and loving. Especially for someone interested in culture/work in the cultural sector (art/dj'ing/theatre/music/production) and that likes traveling this might be a great opportunity.

We live in a old convent in France that serves as an artist community. There are 60 bedrooms, many studios, a library and many interesting artists, activists, scientists, writers, philosophers from all over the world passing through. The convent is located on the beautiful French countryside 1,5 hours from Paris. I am a visual artist and DJ and the babies dad is a flutist that lives partly in Brussels (2,5 hours from here) and partly here with us in France.

Me I am working here in my studio (which is flexible) so we can coordinate who takes care of the baby and does what when. Then from April on we will be touring through Europe with a dance production I make the music/sound concept and live sound for. On tour all the travels are paid for you and you get your own hotel room of course. There will be several tours in 2015 which last from 4 days up to two and a half weeks. On tour you will be with me and the baby and take care of the baby while I am on stage or rehearsing.

When we are at home in France you take the baby for a couple of hours a day or in the evening so I can work. Also you can help me with light housework (concerning the baby) and shopping. Your rooms and board will be paid for. We can also negotiate a pocket money and in case you are not health insured I will pay your health insurance for you.
Alternatively you can find an apartment in the village and we can negotiate a salary. This is up to you.
Now the most important thing for me is that you are kind and loving to the baby that will be born in January and that will be still very small once you join us in March/April. I don't know much about children myself and don't have any "great educational plans" except for giving the little human being as much love and care as possibly needed. You will help me with this so it is of course important that you love children and that you know how to handle a little baby. When I am not with you and the baby I want you to take walks or enjoy the outside world (especially the beautiful nature here in France) as much as possible or play or sing with the baby when its awake. It is great if you are musical or like to sing but that is not a must.
Job information
Family and job details
bulletpoint Needs care for 1 child
bulletpoint Nationality: German
bulletpoint Single parent
bulletpoint Lives in Small town
Job description
bulletpoint Looking for female or male nanny
bulletpoint In the age of 20 to 52 years
bulletpoint Minimum level of education:
   Secondary education
bulletpoint Live-in, Part-time
bulletpoint Starting date: From now
bulletpoint For 0 - 16 months
bulletpoint Girl (0-1 years old)
Accomodation details
No accomodation details specified.
Salary | Pocket money
bulletpoint To be agreed
Asked knowledge & experience
This family is searching for an nanny with at least 3 years experience.

Experience with age groups
bulletpoint Babies (0 - 1 year)
Experience with special care
No experience with special care asked.

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    Au pair
  • Needs care for 1 child
  • Part-time, Live-in
  • Starting date: From now
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