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20-jährige Nanny
aus Tanger, Marokko

bulletpoint Nationalität: Marokkanisch
bulletpoint Ausbildung: Höhere Bildung
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bulletpoint Hat kein Führungszeugnis
bulletpoint Ist ein Nichtraucher
bulletpoint Akzeptiert Haustiere
Dear family, let me introduce you myself, I am a hopeful and hard working person, I'm dynamic and intelligent girl who loves to spread happiness and positive energy, I'm searching for a nanny position, you have to know that i would take care of your princess or Prince so carefully make sure to do all the necessary things to make him /her comfortable, happy and safe and I will do all what I can do to protect him/her,
Let me show you how I work
1) I wake-up your Prince or princess
make sure that the child brush the teeth if the child was older enough to do it, wash the child body and make sure it is clean, brush the child hair and dress the child
2) prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast and make sure that the child eat very well because it so important for growing up, drop the child to school and if the child does not go to school I will play with him several brain games so the child devolop skills
3) do the household work (laundry, clean kitchen, kids bedrooms and bathroom, clean live room) make sure the house clean for the child,
4) pick up the child from school, I don't have a drive licence, I would love to take taxi or bus, because I am afraid from driving cars,
5) prapere lunch for the child and make sure the chd eat very well,
6) help the child with assignments and make a short revision just for making sure that he get the lesson very well,
7) tutors ( primary /college) subjects and French, English and Arabic if the parents can offer it
8) do the activities that the child loves, (football /basketball /video games /dancing /singing/or take him to the cinema, park or for a walk)
9) prapere a dinner
10) change the child clothes and wear the child pyjamas and make sure that the child brush the teeth
11) get th child to the bed and I usual read a story and wishing sweet dreams and give kisses,
But of course if there is anything else, write a guidelines and I would love to do it with a bog heart, you have to know kids like books if you don't read the book you cannot understand them,
I'm responsible and available to work with 3 kids, from 4 month to 14 years,
I have been works as nanny or a tutor but I really would love to join a family, being a friend to the family and do ally responsibilities and duties as well, please if you are interested send me a message or call me on WhatsApp? +212649521864 please if you are not interested don't give me a fake hopes
Familien- und Arbeitsvorlieben
bulletpoint Sorgt für max. 3 Kinder
bulletpoint Akzeptiert: Allerziehende Eltern
bulletpoint Intern
bulletpoint Vollzeit
Bevorzugter Standort
bulletpoint Verfügbar ab sofort
bulletpoint Für 12 - 24 Monate
bulletpoint Wochenplan: Login oder Registrier
bulletpoint Stadt: Tanger
bulletpoint Radius: 100 km
bulletpoint Provinz: Tanger-Tétouan
bulletpoint Land: Marokko
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Kenntnis & Erfahrung
Diese Nanny hat 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung.

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bulletpoint Kind (4 - 6 Jahre)
bulletpoint Schulkinder (7 - 12 Jahre)
bulletpoint Babys (0 - 1 Jahr)
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Sucht Tätigkeit als
Au pair Babysitter Nanny

  • Auch: Au pair / Babysitter
  • Frau
  • 20 Jahre alt
  • Vollzeit
  • Hat 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung.

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