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Brittney Israel (28)

28-jährige Au pair
aus ,

bulletpoint Nationalität: Amerikanisch
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My name is Brittney , but I go by Israel. I am American, an artist, and poet. I sell my work and working on publishing my first book. I have lived in Germany for 3 years, working for the American Military at Ramstein; I have just moved to Berlin to be closer to family and my church. Growing up I was always tasked with taking care of my younger siblings and babysitting for church members. For a year leading up to my move in Berlin I taught art classes, mostly to children and teenagers, but also taught adults.

I am looking to get my initial visa here by serving a family and their children as I become familiar with the city and establish myself amongst the art community before getting a work visa.

I have over 20 Years experience working with children, babysitting (my own siblings as well as friends and member of my church), and teaching. I would love to make a difference in a child, as well as the parents life by assisting them in any way I could.

I have my international drivers license, have been CPR certified, passed government background checks(as required to work for the military), have 10 years of higher education, and recently finished a fine arts mastery program with the Milan Art Institute. I am creative, athletic, energetic, and educated. My family has instilled in me the importance in giving back and serving those who need it.
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Au pair Babysitter Nanny

  • Au pair
  • Frau
  • 28 Jahre alt
  • Voll- oder Teilzeit
  • Hat 10+ Jahre Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung.

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