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Eleanor (19)

19-jährige Au pair
aus Luxemburg, Luxemburg

bulletpoint Nationalität: Britisch
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My name is Eleanor Grace and I am 19 years old.
I am currently a History Student at Durham University in England and am looking to travel to China this summer as an au pair. l would absolutely love to be able to learn more about your culture and language, while also sharing mine with you.
My mother tongue is English, and both of my parents are British. However, I was born in Luxembourg and I grew up there, so I also speak Luxembourgish, German and French fluently.
I would love to teach English and look after your children while becoming part of your family for a month. I am looking to be an Au Pair for whole month of August 2019.
You can expect sheer dedication, attentiveness, punctuality, respectfulness and amicability from me as your Au Pair.
I have had previous experience with babysitting and animal sitting over the last few years. Moreover, I was involved in 'Reader's Café' in my old primary school, last year, where I aided children learn how to read, in a non-classroom and comforting setting. I have also been to Peru, where I volunteered in a school and taught the English language and culture to the children. I have a First Aid Certificate, a driver's license and a clean criminal record. I have also completed multiple EduCare certificates.

I would like to become an Au Pair abroad, because I am so keen to share my culture and learn about yours. I find China fascinating as a country, with such a rich history - of which I am currently studying some at University. I would love to be able to gain a genuine outlook on China and also build a connection and bond with your family.

I am a history student, so I love facts and stories, as well as Literature and movies. Moreover, I am very involved in music. I have previous been part of multiple orchestras, choirs, musicals and Big Bands. Instruments that I play are the piano and the trumpet, I also sing. I speak 4 languages fluently and play Rugby and Football at my University.

After being an Au Pair, I am planning on meeting my friend in Beijing and boarding the Trans Siberian Railway back to Europe, I will then go straight back to University. However, I really hope that this Au Pair adventure of mine will not be the last and I also hope to be able to visit Asia again in the coming years. I hope that the bond we make will endure time, and I really want to stay in touch. For me, it is not simply about the month that I will be staying with you, it is more than that. And I really hope you consider
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bulletpoint China
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bulletpoint Peking
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Au pair Babysitter Nanny

  • Au pair
  • Frau
  • 19 Jahre alt
  • Vollzeit
  • Hat keine Erfahrung mit Kinderbetreuung.

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