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Claudia (24)

24-jährige Au pair
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bulletpoint Nationalität: Spanisch
bulletpoint Ausbildung: Höhere Bildung
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bulletpoint Akzeptiert Haustiere
Hey family!

I am Claudia, a responsible and loving person with an inner child not so inner...
I guess that's why I love kids, and kids love me! :)

I am looking forward to immerse myself into the dutch culture since I love this country. And what better way to do so than by living there while doing something that I like, which is enjoying the company of children!

Ik spreek nog geen Nederlands, yet! But I would love to do so, and I am already taking my lessons with Duolingo. Hope you can help me in my learning journey.

I've worked as a nanny for two years, when I was in Barcelona, for a French family with two kids (6 and 9 years old at the time) which whom I still keep in touch and see when I go back home. They would be glad to provide any relevant information for you, if needed.

I volunteer at Hackney Pirates in London, helping young people to develop their literacy, confidence and perseverance.

And I cannot help but entertain and laugh with every baby or kid that comes to the store where I work, while their parents browse and get some skin care consultations.

I am a low-maintenance person that enjoys nature, yoga, creativity and alone time. In the house, I am respectful, clean and organised.

I am also an ambitious person, pursuing a self employed career with several projects in mind.

However, my ultimate goal is to build a safe space for kids and families somewhere in the African continent. In the meantime, I take this as a great opportunity to deepen my understanding with and about children.
Familien- und Arbeitsvorlieben
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Kenntnis & Erfahrung
Diese Au pair hat 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung.

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bulletpoint Kind (4 - 6 Jahre)
bulletpoint Schulkinder (7 - 12 Jahre)
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Keine Erfahrung mit spezieller Pflege.

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Au pair Babysitter Nanny

  • Au pair
  • Frau
  • 24 Jahre alt
  • Voll- oder Teilzeit
  • Hat 2 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung.

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