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Hello, we are a single parent family, Mum Sara, Henry aged 8 and Elizabeth aged 10. I am in the UK Military and will be moving to the Falkland Islands for 12 months in Jul 21. I need someone who would like to join our family for this adventure! Its quite remote in the Falklands but it's very beautiful. If you are a wildlife lover and outdoorsy person, this lifestyle would suit you. We will live in a 4 bedroom house on the military base which is about 1 hours drive from the town of Stanley.

I will be at work during the day and my son will be at school from 8am-3pm. You will need to be there to pick him up from school which is on the base and take him to after school clubs or help with homework or just play. Weekends are your own except if I am required to work but I will know this in advance. There is lots to do on camp and you can use the gym, climbing wall, bowling alley, golf course and more. I want to get out with the children and explore the islands and would love it if we can find an au pair who has a sense of adventure. Equally, its ok if you just want to relax on the weekend!

My daughter Elizabeth is 10 years old and she goes to boarding school in the UK and will be coming over for holidays. I will collect her from the UK and you will need to be with Henry full time for the 4 day round trip! You will be paid extra for this level of care.

During school holidays, you will be in sole charge and again you will be paid extra for this. You will have access to a mobile phone and car for work and some personal use. The wi-fi is not great across the islands but there is a great community that you will become part of and lots of other people around every day.

We have 2 cats who will be coming with us but they are indoor cats and super cute!

All food and bills are included. If you are not already in the UK, you will need to arrive prior to leaving for the Falklands as we will depart from Oxford on a military flight. We are currently living in London and would be happy to have someone join us here prior to departure in Jul 21.

If you think you would like to join us on the adventure if a lifetime to the most rugged and beautiful part of the world, we would love to hear from you!
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