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Au pair Tätigkeit
in Kapelle, Belgien

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Hi, we live in a small town (Heide, close to Kalmthout). The town looks a bit like St Tropez but then in Belgium (only nice weather in summer). The railroad station is 1km from our home. By train you can go to Antwerp (15 min).
Daddy : 48y old (but not old since blessed with a young spirit ...), works as an independent consultant so most of the time busy or going out / watching tv to relax.
Daughter 1: Elise. Very funny and sweet girl. Doesn't like the schoolwork so much. Likes to watch tv, play, candy, chocolate ... On sunday afternoon she goes to the "scouts" (2-5pm). On saturday morning does hiphop (11-1pm)
Daughter 2: Helena. Very smart and independent (helps daughter 1 with homework sometimes). Very sweet and funny too. Likes theatre, play, tv, music, dance, books, candy, popcorn, chips, ... has a rather big mouth but in a friendly funny way
House: 2 floors. Big living room with tv, you ca, have your own room (with tv if a must). Big garde, outdoor swimming pool (heated april - oct)
Atmosphere relaxed, friendly, independent
We'r looking for a young enthusiastic independent no nonsense person (might want to learn Dutch) who can take care of kids before school (7-8h30) and after school (3h30pm-7 à 8pm) = clothes, simple breakfast, preparing sandwiches to take to school, taking to school (biking 1,5km) + taking care of children after school (eating, overseeing schoolwork is done, play, watching tv).
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bulletpoint Sucht Betreuung für 2 Kinder
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