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Margaritas Familie

Au pair Tätigkeit
in Antofagasta, Chile

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ABOUT US: I'm a single mother of an one-year-and-18-month-old sweet girl, looking for opportunities to stimulate my daugther's development. My one-year-18-month old daughter goes to a nursaery school from Monday to Friday until 18:00 and goes to sleep at 21:00. So I hope you can share with us in weekends and evenings of weekdays.

OBJECTIVES: The main reason I'd like to have a native English speaker as an aupair at home it's because I'm looking for ways to introduce my 18 month old daughter to new languages, at least to expose her to other languages's sound, while having fun and playing. It'll be great if my daughter learns a second language as early and as “naturally” as possible.

DATES & TIME: I work from Monday to Friday and my daughter goes to a nursery school same days the entire day, so we arrive home at 18:30, and normally she goes to sleep at 21:00 so basically, our aupair will be just 3 hours during weekdays with my dauther. I hope our aupair to share with us when we're at home (weekday evenings and entire weekends).

DUTIES: So the role of our aupair will be to introduce into a second language to my daughter, while she'still learning her native's. In the practice that means I want the aupair to speak only English to my daughter when playing, eating or whatever. (Spanish will be necessary to deal with safety concerns, and when family and friends who do not speak English at all, are around)

Also, our aupair may help with some housework or child care duties, but just as a helper, because I'll still be responsible of both. If my baby gets sick, she might not attend the nursery school until she gets better, so in those days, our Au Pair might help to take care of my daugther, although, I'll probable take some leave days to stay at home as well, in case it's neccesary (that will depend on the available days that of our Au Pair will have in weekdays, it's expected she has her own life outdoors,either working or studying, since normally there will be no need for her to be all day at home, at least the baby gets sick).
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