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Felipes Familie

Au pair Tätigkeit
in Curacaví, Chile

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We have 2 beautiful girls; since we married we decided to live on a beautiful farm on a hill 40 min out of Santiago. Our girls have been raised here, enjoying nature and playing outdoors. We have 2 pets, a cat and small dog that live out of the house and enjoy wondering around. We enjoy the outdoors, have small orchard and a painter atelier we share with our kids. We have very nice neighbors which we know for several years, all of them speak English and some have kids too.
My wife works on a retail company, I work on a Bank on a position where I get to travel frequently and work part time from home. We both try to manage our time to be as much as possible at home and enjoy being part of our kids lives. We would be glad to have you in our family helping out and being part of our children’s lives, letting them know new things, playing with them and overall having a great time with us. We truly believe life is about experiences and living happily, we want to share that with you.
Our girls are playful and curious, they are also obedient and have a clear schedule for meals and bed time. They have their liberty to play and create as much as they like, while behaving and listening to adults.
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