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Dominiques Familie

Au pair Tätigkeit
in Valdivia, Chile

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Hi! We are a family of four, composed of mom, dad, and two girls, 10 and 6 years old. We live in Valdivia, a very nice university town in the south of Chile. We live in a residential area on an island, at a walking distance to most amenities.

Besides us, four humans, our family also includes two dogs, two pet rabbits, two hens and one rooster. We are a mix of nationalities. At home we mostly speak Italian and Spanish, however, even the girls speak very good English and are learning German. We are active people, we like to read, play and listen music and travel. The girls are very different, a little shy at first but they are both very funny and lovable. Maia likes to read and write very much, she is calm and wise. Clio is much more exuberant and needs to keep busy and loves company. We often invite their little friends over for play dates. We try to avoid watching TV (we don't have one), but enjoy a good movie on friday or saturday nights. We love cooking and natural eating habits, cooking most of our food simply and at home (baking bread, pizzas and making yogurt). We are not vegetarians but do not eat meat very regularly.

We are hoping to find somebody who would help us with the girls in the afternoons. This would include remind Maia to do her homework, maybe help her a little bit, and spend some time with Clio playing, cooking, or gardening (she loves it). They also have some extracurricular activities, so most afternoon we need to accompany them back to school, music class, climbing gym, etc. The girls go to a German school, so we would love to have a German speaking aupair.
Besides helping with the girls we would expect help with basic and daily family chores, as any other adult family member.

We have an extra room, which is small but cozy, with its own independent bathroom. The rest of the house is very large, as well as the backyard. So there is plenty of room for everybody.
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