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United Kingdom

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Au pair info

Capital London
Population 62,348,447
Area 243,610
Currency British Pound (£)
Spoken languages English
Pocket money £ 70 - £ 85 (GBP) per week
Working hours 30 hours per week
Age 18 – 30 years

Au pair in United Kingdom

Au pairs from EEA countries or Swizerland don’t need a visa to work or study in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom offer programs for other nationalities like the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme.

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Au pair program

Au pairs usually live with the family they work for, are unlikely to be classed as a worker or an employee and aren’t entitled to the National Minimum Wage.

They’re treated as a member of the family they live with and get ‘pocket money’ instead - usually about £70 to £85 a week.

Workers and employees have different rights, eg the right to the National Minimum Wage and paid holidays.

Au pairs may have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance, depending on how much pocket money they get.

The maximum period of stay for an au pair is 24 months (2 year).

An au pair isn’t classed as a worker or an employee if most of the following apply:

  • they’re a foreign national living with a family in the UK
  • they’re an EU citizen or have entered the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa or student visa
  • they’re here on a cultural exchange programme
  • they’ve got a signed letter of invitation from the host family that includes details of their stay, eg accommodation, living conditions, approximate working hours, free time, pocket money
  • they learn about British culture from the host family and share their own culture with them
  • they have their own private room in the house, provided free of charge
  • they eat their main meals with the host family, free of charge
  • they help with light housework and childcare for around 30 hours a week, including a couple of evenings babysitting
  • they get reasonable pocket money
  • they can attend English language classes at a local college in their spare time
  • they’re allowed time to study and can practise their English with the host family
  • they sometimes go on holiday with the host family and help look after the children
  • they can travel home to see their family during the year
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