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Capital Brussels
Population 10,403,000
Area 30,528
Currency Euro (€)
Spoken languages Dutch
Pocket money At least € 450,- (EUR) per month
Working hours Max. 20 hours a week and no more than 4 hours a day.
Age 18 – 25 years

Au pair in Belgium

To be allowed to stay in Belgium as an au pair young foreigners must have a valid work permit. This condition does not apply to nationals of a Member State of the European Economic Area (the countries of the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland.

The Belgian families needs to apply for a work permit and an employment card B when they want an au pair. Based on the work permit and the employment card, the au pair can apply for a visa.

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The visa

Nationals of all countries outside the European Union, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland who want to stay longer than three months in Belgium are subject to the visa requirement. They need their express request a visa and have been in the form of a special type of visa (authorization for temporary stay): Schengen visa type D. The application must be done at the Belgian diplomatic or consular representation in the country where the visa applicant lives.

The stranger who wants to Belgium as a young au pair must have a valid travel document (passport) that is valid for at least one year, a recent certificate of good conduct over the last five years, to obtain a medical certificate in possession recognized by the embassy physician and a work permit. The work permit must be applied for by the Belgian family and is delivered together with the work permit B. In addition, the application must be submitted to in time in case Immigration Department wants to start an investigation.

The work permit and employment card B

The application for a work permit and an employment card B should be done by the family that wants to employ an au pair of forein nationality at the territorially competent migration service, where the application is treated. The application must be accompanied by a medical certificate and an employment contract.

The granting of the work permit and the employment card B is subject to the following conditions:

  • the fulfillment of the conditions by the young au pair and the host family 
  • the family does not have a valid work permit for another au pair 
  • the validity of the work permit and the employment card B for the young au pair may not exceed one year
  • the work permit and employment card B related to the au pair may be renewed as long as the placement period does not exceed a full year only once 
  • a change of host family once only to the extent that the total duration of the placement of young au pair does not exceed a full year and if it complies with all other vesting conditions.

After approval of the competent migration service is the work permit issued to the family by the intervention of the municipality of residence of the family. The intention is that they deliver it in turn to the young au pair.

The refusal of a work permit shall be notified to the host family by registered letter . In that case,  within one month from the date of receipt of refusal, an appeal to the competent regional minister can be filed.

The conditions

Among young au pair means the young person who is temporarily recorded where he enjoys room and board in exchange for light everyday household chores, to perfect his language skills and expand by acquiring a better knowledge of the country overall development in a host family by taking part in the family life of the host family.

The young au pair must:

  • be at least 18 years old and not yet 26 years old at the date of granting of the work permit and the employment card B
  • undertake to perform during the au pair placement of any employment in Belgium 
  • a title that gives him the country of origin should have access to higher education or have evidence to show that he has followed education at least until the age of 17 years
  • a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the family or commit themselves to acquire this knowledge by attending an intensive language course immediately upon arrival in Belgium 
  • follow courses courses at an accredited institution during the au pair placement, recognized or subsidized by the Communities or determined by the Regional Minister that the employment under its jurisdiction
  • not yet have acquired in Belgium an employment card B

The host family must:

  • the young au pair providing a personal room and assure him free access to the property
  • have an insurance policy in favor of the young au pair to ensure the risks of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization costs in case of illness or accident
  • the young au pair at least have a full day off per week and have to give all the opportunity to participate in the exercise of his worship or part of his philosophies 
  • the au pair youth monthly, transfer to his bank account, a sum as pocket money to pay at least € 450 
  • among its members at least one child count that is not 13 ​​years old at the start of the period of stay of the au pair youth 
  • for children who do not reach the age of six years , with evidence that , for the period corresponding to the maximum duration of the stay of the young au pair or for the period until the youngest child reaches the age of six years , day in their care was provided 
  • a certificate of good conduct to submit to all family members who are of age at the start of the period of stay of the au pair youth 
  • undertake, to ignore any premature repatriation of au an insurance pair youth caused by illness or accident, as well as a strong commitment to pay for the latter may result from the residence of the young au pair costs or repatriation 
  • agree that the supervisory officials to grant access to the property access.

The participation of the young au pair on the daily tasks, including child care , no more than 4 hours per day and 20 hours per week. Such tasks should not be the main purpose of the stay.

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