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Capital Vienna
Population 8,205,000
Area 83,855
Currency Euro (€)
Spoken languages German
Pocket money € 395,31 (EUR) per month
Working hours Max. 20 hours per week
Age 18 – 28 years

Au pair in Austria

Au pairs are foreigners (mostly students) between the age of 18 and 28, who want to deepen the knowledge of German they have acquired abroad by their stay in Austria, and want to get to know the Austrian culture and way of life.

Foreign Au pairs are actually excluded from the alien employment law ("Ausländerbeschäftigungsgesetz"), however, their employment must be notified at the Job Service Centre (Arbeitsmarktservice).

A host family may employ a foreign Au Pair, if:

  • The appropriate Job Service Centre (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich) has been notified of this employment two weeks prior to its start and,
  • The Job Service Centre (AMS) has issued a confirmation of notification.

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Au pair information

A confirmation of notification is only issued if:

  • The Au pair is not younger than 18 and not older than 28,
  • An authorised job agency was located,
  • The Au pair was not previously listed as au pair in Austria for longer than a year in the last five years
  • The degree and the economic salary of the work correspond with the Au pair relationship, which means
    • The Au pair shall get to know the country and people of Austria and shall deepen the knowledge of German acquired in their home countries with the help of the host family, and
    • The Au pair shall get part of the family life of the host family (at least one parent with a child) and shall help with the household chores including child care, and
    • The Au pair must proof a minimum of German knowledge (school lessons or one semester of studying or a language course) before the start of the employment by presenting a school report or other certificate in German or English translation and shall deepen their language skills by living with the host family.

The confirmation of notification will initially be issued for six months and can be extended for a maximum of six months under certain criteria.

Required Documents
Notification by the Host Family:

  • Notification of the Au pair relationship
  • Sample Au pair contract, in which, the essential requirements of the Au pair relationship are established for both parties.

Right of Residence of Au pair Workers
Au pairs from the European Economic Area and member states of the European Union do not need a residence permit. If the stay lasts longer than three months, they must obtain a resident’s registration document from the authorities in the place of residence.

Au pairs from EU or EEA Member States and from Switzerland
Au pairs from EU or EEA member states and from Switzerland have the permission of residence in Austria and do not need a residence permit. However, they must apply for a registration certificate no later than three months after the start of the stay at the local Foreigners’ Office ("Fremdenbehörde").

Au pairs from Third Countries
Au Pairs from third countries need a residence permit ("Aufenthaltsbewilligung – Sonderfälle unselbstständiger Erwerbstätiger") for the whole duration of the au pair relationship.

For the application of the residence permit the confirmation of notification of the Job Service Centre (AMS) is required.

Labour Law Basics
For the employment of au pairs the Law on Domestic Staff ("Hausgehilfen- und Hausangestelltengesetz"), which regulates claims under labour law, such as the right for holidays or continuing pay in case of sickness.

The wage of Au pairs that have been employed from 1 January 2014 is at least € 395.31 Euro (= monthly subsistence payment). This means a weekly working time of 20 hours including child care and little help with household chores.

Health Insurance and Accident Insurance
For the employment of au pairs a registration with the legal social insurance (ASVG) is required. The free board and lodging and the amount, which the host family has to pay for the private insurance of the au pairs and their participation in language courses and cultural events, are not included in the wage and therefore are non-contributory.

If the au pair is employed under the subsistence pay (value 2014 is € 395.31 Euro) the registration with the legal accident insurance is sufficient. A health insurance can be taken out for the au pair at a private insurance company. Any foreign health insurance is only sufficient if the benefits are also granted in Austria.

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